The firm was started in mid-2003 with the express intention of Bridging the Divide that exists between people's perception of their personal spaces & the stark reality of the buildings coming up in our urban jungles.


A human mind is extremely sensitive to the surroundings & this very same surrounding has a very deep impact on this very same human mind. A deep sense of well being is required for us to function at our best. Our surroundings, the people, the traffic, carrier objectives etc., has a direct bearing on our sense of well being. We cannot do anything about the traffic but we can create a meaningful interface between you & your surroundings i.e. the house in a qualitative manner that enhances positive energies in terms of form, function, climate control, etc.


This young firm is totally involved in extending a meaningful interface between your life style & your surroundings. This is achieved by constant reinvention of design philosophy to better understand the human needs. The design exploration is taken into the macro level to satisfy every need. Spatial quality is given due respect. In fact, it is the single most important aspect around which our design philosophy revolves. Our experience lies in individual residences, multistory apartments, group housings, farm houses, townships, hospitals, industries, institutes, commercial complex and interiors.


The design team is lead by Architect Abhay Gupta and Ar. Sajid Ali , holding a Bachelor degree in Architecture , Registered In Council of Architecture & Associate Member of Indian Institute Of Architects.